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Tips on How to Purchase the Right Lawn Mower For Your Needs

If you enjoy the idea of having a beautiful lawn in front of your dwelling to gaze on, to walk on occasionally, and for the whole community to admire, then you also probably realize that all lawns call for one thing – a lawn mower to keep all that grass looking tidy. But lawn mowers don’t come in only one common size, design, or type. There are many lawn mowers for the many types of grass-trimming needs a lawn owner will have.

You can choose lawn mowers called rotary mowers, which rely on a circulating blade to trim and slash at the tall grass; the blade is shielded by a protective cover. Alternatively, you can purchase reel mowers, which have revolving blades that will flash over a fixed blade as they do the cutting. You can select these two kinds of mowers as either gasoline-dependent models or manual, human-powered models.

The rotary lawn mowers use the protective housing to prevent the grass from shooting out at you as the rotating blade does its job. It also keeps the circulating blade itself from suddenly flying out at you should it break loose from its fastenings sometime during the mowing job. That is why the protective housing is often manufactured of hefty metal, with a painted finish to prevent rust damage.

The reel mowers (which are hand-operated and not automated) are perfect if you want to enjoy the physical benefits of exercise. This style of lawn mower is well-suited for lawns that measure around 100 square meters and are made of soft-bladed grass. As long as you did not include the Saint Augustine or Bermuda types of grass in your lawn, this lawn mower will work.

The power lawn mowers also come as either rotary or reel mowers. The rotary type is less expensive than the reel type, and is also simple to run and easier to sharpen. The reel mowers are amazing for easily shortening your grass to golf green level, and they leave a tidy appearance to the grass afterwards.

If you aren’t opposed to the smoke, the odor, and the racket, a gas-powered lawn mower could be what you are looking for . But for those who do mind the noise, odor, and smoke, the electricity-powered lawn mower style is a superior choice. Electric-powered mowers can be found in corded or cordless styles. The corded lawn mower will need a cord stretching about 100 feetlong, which will plug in to an electric outlet. But if you’re one of the people who dreads running over the cord itself and cutting it with the lawn mower blades, or if you simply find electric cords a nuisance, then you will like a cordless electric lawn mower. It has a portable power supply. You only need to charge it once daily for about 4 to 6 hours each time. (Depending on the power capacity of your electric engine, the mower might need to charge for a few hours more or less.)

A human-powered or push mower will be appropriate for running on sloping, hilly yards. For ease of use, get the front-propelled type of lawn mowers. If your yard is really big, then you might find that you require a tractor-type of lawn mower. This is the type you can actually drive like a vehicle as you trim the grass in the yard. If you’re in the market for a “green” product, then we highly recommend Earthwise Lawn Mowers.

Sadat Dunia writes for a buyer’s guide designed to help lawn mower owners. Read reviews on various brands such as Black and Decker Lawn Mowers [], Earthwise & more.


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