Wednesday May 25, 2022

“Please Don’t Tell My Wife!” says Huge Slot Winner

Last month you allowed me to ramble on about why we must market, strategize and produce a thought process and open the lines of communication to get the “X-Game Generation” to the casino. This month I thought I’d focus on, what sort of slot machine will peak their interest enough to get them to the casino and keep them there.

As I prepare for another visit to the Global Gaming Conference (G2E), I need to ask myself, “Which slot manufacturer is developing games to create in and maintain the younger gaming demographics? (If I’d a thought right now, it’d die of loneliness).

Yes, I’m aware downloadable games are at the forefront of a, actually right on the horizon. Meaning exactly what…the same kind of games just resting on a unique and superior platform? Because truth be told, as I look around the casino floor, I see banks of machines built to spew out free spins, clunky, albeit elaborate, “bonus wheels” hitting the exact same (ho-hum) mediocre pays and motionless screens offering the exact same regurgitated clipart bonus rounds. Not quite the sort of hype leaving the X-Gamer gasping to catch their breath.

The brand new games should have bonus rounds where “decisions” are created (not selected), and remember what your last “decisions” actually was. “Do I go left or right, up or down?” When you return compared to that bonus spot, the game reminds you (“Last time you went left”). The bonus rounds should allow you to develop your own character or player and allow you to place your character anywhere for the reason that bonus round. The bonus rounds must certanly be interactive, where there is a winner. Not by chance but by skill (being quicker, knowing the right order) by playing against the game or against someone on a single bank or at another location, like a wide-area or interstate network.

The brand new games should have cheat codes available for the player to research. Keep in mind; this isn’t necessary a cheat code to “beat” the game around finding “Easter Eggs” as you go along (free spins, free games, additional credits, advertisements). Yes, advertisements. Other industries are paying premium dollars to possess their products and brands buried deep to the code of the most recent PS2 game, only to possess it seen by someone who knows and exploits the cheat code (hint, hint IGT, Aristocrat, and Williams). Of course these cheat codes could only be found on your website where advertisement can be sold. What? Finally a method of driving traffic to your own site and actually having someone “opt-in” to Emarketing and never having to give away a set of steak knives!

The brand new games must have the ability to save the players level once they return. These games need to have a memory card, a saved level card (what we old fuddy duddy’s call a person club card) with password encryption (we call those PIN numbers) for that gamer in the future back and not think they lost their “place” in the game. Now, relax GLI and gaming regulators, I’m speaking in terms on the bonus round. If you should be in level four of bonus round three, guess what, the next time you hit the bonus round, you’re right back in the exact same place fighting that onslaught of crazed penguins. Imagine, the player still needs to play the game to “return to the bonus round” but if they are returning to your casino, their time on device increases just like the “legs” of the game.

These games should pay attention to realistic graphics, robust sound and entertainment value. Get rid of the “$20 equals 6 spins and a near-hit” method of coding. Time on device revolves around $20 lasting a lot more than three minutes. At the neighborhood arcade, you’re not winning money, your winning “time and levels” ;.

Want to essentially step away from (X) box, have these games offer the ability to open another screen to instant message (IM), text message, download Slot Gacor into an MP3 or the ability to “make beats.” Merely a thought, if you merely add an MP3 auxiliary jack (or headphone jack) to the game then a casino slot director won’t ever need to turn off the sound on another game. It’s time we face the reality, the youth of today tend to be more multitasking than we are, or actually care to ever be.

In case a 21 year old can be driven to your website, register for a card, and after four gaming visit receive another clue on “how exactly to break” that bonus round – would that be of interest? Then its time to step away from “Dream Cube” and get coding!

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